What a CHILD with a Project Chance DOG Can Accomplish

by BJ Szwedzinski


  • Kids who were runners, stop running because they want to be near their dog. They are taught to “help” the dog.
  • Kids who could only utter sounds and were unable to express their real needs, now experience the value of communication. Both child and puppy are taught directives. This starts a companionship that helps the child be “heard” and understood through speech, touch, or facilitated communication.
  • Kids who did not care about outcomes, either negative or positive, now understand the spectrum of behaviors and their associated rewards and consequences.
  • Kids who did not want or give cuddles, hugs, or affection, now want and give back, if only to their dog. Their dog may very well their first real friend.
  • We know every child has within them the ability to be productive, responsible and empathetic. Our dogs and the team built around the child and dog create an outlet for expression.
  • Kids who stood alone, never will again.



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